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Wireless Temperature and Humidity Sensor with Display - THGR122NX

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THGR sensors collect both temperature and humidity readings and also feature an on-board LCD screen.



  • Digital display shows temperature and humidity
  • Sensors can be placed up to 100 feet from main display unit
  • 3 channel display
  • Suggest Lithium AAA for very cold conditions
  • Dimensions: 2.75L x .75D x 4H (in.)
  • 2 AAA alkaline batteries required, not included

Check here the compatible weather station models for this sensor.



EAN Code 734811301123
User Manual THGR122NX.pdf
Dimensions 2.75L x .75D x 4H
Batteries 2 AAA alkaline batteries required, not included
AC Adapter No
Indoor/Outdoor Temp/Humidity Measurements Indoor and Outdoor
Menu Interface LCD display
Measures Humidity Yes
Measures Temperature Yes

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I'm familiar with this brand from labwork, but never considered buying it for home until I saw it on Amazon. It works perfectly, and seems to be accurate. The only issue I have with it is that the battery compartment could be easier to access. Three small recessed screws need to be removed to open the battery compartment. The screwdriver needs to be thin enough to fit in the area, which is about the width of the head of the screw. A standard size screwdriver is too big, and at least in my set, an eyeglass screwdriver is too small to turn the screw. We did find a suitable screwdriver in the depths of the toolbox, and were able to put in the batteries (included) and start using it. I'm very happy with it, and would not hesitate to buy this brand again.

Amazon Buyer

I bought this sensor as a replacement for a unit that finally gave up the ghost after 10 years of reliable service in harsh outdoor conditions. I just popped in the batteries and punched the RESET button on the new unit. Worked like a charm right out of the box. I didn't even have to read the owner's manual.

NOTE: ALWAYS use disposable dry-cells in the sensor, NOT rechargeables... the latter don't provide reliably consistent voltage levels under outdoor conditions, so you get lots of signal dropouts and inaccurate readings on the receiver unit's display.

This unit works as advertised: it gave me back the use of my very reliable OSci Model BAR388HGA receiver.

It's fun to know what the temp is in different locations off one home unit so I have three of these giving me four temps to monitor. One in my storage shed, another in the shop and one outside in the back yard. Of course the fourth temp is the indoor one on the main unit. I can say after a few years they all still work however as for the range I find that I do loose the one in the storage shed unless I change the battery about every three months even though the battery isn't dead it just seems to need fresh ones all too often. Also when the temps are really high or very low I may loose any of the monitors so that's why I dropped a star but I still think these work good enough to find them enjoyable to have. By the way my storage shed is about 70 feet from the main unit to give you an idea and all it's trying to penetrate through is a glass door and 1/2" plywood.

Amazon Buyer

Got this to replace one that was at least 8 years old, maybe 10. While that one still worked, it would randomly struggle with transmitting a signal and ate batteries for lunch. Still, not bad for being exposed to the elements all that time. The new one immediately went to work when batteries were inserted and, once I forced the two receiving units to "look for a signal," they linked up pretty quickly.

Amazon Buyer

I've had an Oregon Scientific weather station for years now, having received it as a gift. I've had one of these remotes the whole time and have gotten very used to it accurately telling me the temperature and humidity outside while I sit at my desk inside.

Here in Colorado it gets plenty warm in the summer, and not having air conditioning, it's unfortunately essential to shut all the windows and doors on the south side (the sun is intense) once the outside temperature matches the inside. That's the only way to keep the house cool until evening when I open it all up again and turn on the whole house fan. This little sensor makes the whole process a pleasure (and I've turned into the go-to guy when someone asks about how hot it got today :)

It comes with a little metal stand or it can be hung like a picture and transmits quite a distance (mine is over 30 ft. away from the base, which is almost below ground at garden level).

Amazon Buyer

SO glad Oregon Scientific still makes this model! Our outside sensor finally gave up after 10 or so years in the midwest, and thankfully I was able to just get a new sensor to go with our base unit, and not have to start over. Having the temperature AND humidity is pretty important for us here, and it's really nice you can read it on the sensor when you're outside too. Our previous made it through summers that go over 100° and humidities in the 90%s down to negative digits in the winter. I hadn't realized how weathered the old one had become until seeing it next to the new one!

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