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Wireless Rain Gauge Weather Station with Remote Sensor - RGR126N

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Our favorite rain gauge just got better with extended rain data memory.


  • Automatic self-emptying rain collector measures and then eliminates collected rainfall
  • Wireless transmission range up to 300 feet for rain gauge—100 feet for thermometer
  • Displays daily, ten-day historical, and total rainfall records
  • Rainfall amounts are shown as inches or millimeters
  • High daily rainfall alarm
  • Displays outdoor temperature
  • Digital Clock

Benefits of a Wireless Rain Gauge

Know how much water you’re using to water your lawn, or find out what the latest storm brought to your home. Extremely accurate measurements! Increments of .04 inches will allow you to know precisely how much rain is falling in your area Avoid the getting wet to monitor rainfall with the included wireless display unit, data is transmitted from a football field away.


  • Main Display Unit
  • PCR800 Wireless Self Emptying Rain Collector
  • THN802 Wireless Temperature Sensor
  • Manual
  • Three AA batteries


Color Black
EAN Code 00734811713087
User Manual RGR126N.pdf
Dimensions 90 x 135 x 30 mm
Batteries 4 x AA, 2 x AAA (Included)
AC Adapter No
Weather Alert Alarms Rainfall
Measures Rainfall Yes
Measures Temperature Outdoors

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Overall, I recommend this unit to others.

First, it's easy to use. Just put the collector outside, the temperature unit somewhere outside, and then set the base unit inside. After some easy programming of the base unit, it will contact the two outside units. That can take a little time (it took mine a few hours) but once it contacted them, I've had no trouble since.

Second, the unit works pretty well. It's easy to look back in time and see how much rain you've gotten in the last nine days.

Finally, the exterior collector auto-empties as needed, which makes this thing pretty much a set-it-and-forget-it deal.

My only complaint is that the unit tends to underreport rain no matter where you place it. I've tried a half-dozen locations and it always fails to report the full amount of rain we received (sometimes it doesn't even notice it rained until well into it). But that's probably just the nature of having a single collector that might not get rain at the same rate as the rest of the yard (depending on the wind and where the drops happen to land).

All in all, this is a solid rain gauge/temperature combo unit. I recommend it to others unless you need ultra-precise readings, in which case you'll either need several units to cross-check or something more sophisticated. For everyday home and garden use, though, this unit works well.

I replace a 4" manual rain gauge. After Hurricane Harvey I got over 19" of rain. Every morning when I emptied the 4" of water it was overflowing it's capacity. A gauge station 1.5 miles from my house recorded 19.7". I recorded 18.8". I bought this rain gauge because it doesn't need emptying. It measures rain as it pass through a funnel. Seems accurate compared to the manual rain gauge.

Amazon Buyer

I purchased this same model several years ago and recently ordered another one when the original rain collector quit working. The base unit is well-designed and easy to read. I was especially impressed with the quality of the rain collector. All of the screws that hold the plastic components together are stainless steel and thread into brass inserts in the plastic so nothing ever rusted and the screws didn't strip out when taking the unit apart to replace the batteries. Even though the rain collector quit working recently, I thought it gave good service considering that it was out in the weather constantaly for four years. In an older review of this model, the writer complained that the batteries in the rain collector were difficult to replace. This was true of the first one I purchased, there were several very small screws holding the battery cover in place. The cover on the new one snaps in place so this isn't a problem.

I'm very pleased with this instrument. I received it a few days ago, and right now it's busy reporting dropping temperatures and increasing rainfall. Its display is easy to read. It's simple to set up, and as it's wireless, I can have my data readout unit anywhere I want inside the house. It seems to me that it's well designed, and I suspect it'll be reliable for a long time.

All batteries you'll need are included, and they're alkaline batteries too, which indicates that the designers and marketers aren't trying to cut corners with cheap "heavy duty" batteries. That gives me extra confidence.

My complaints are minor: 1) you need a very tiny screwdriver, about the size of an eyeglass screwdriver, either standard or Phillips, to remove covers and install the batteries. I didn't have one, but I solved that with a trip to the hardware store and $5 to get a big assortment of small drivers. 2) it's powered by batteries. Batteries go dead at the wrong times. I don't know if I'll get a "low battery" warning when it's time. Nothing major. I've found that wired and plug-in systems have a weak point in that wiring system - the wires are easy to destroy, and that becomes a big problem when it happens.

So, if the batteries last a long time and the unit keeps on chugging, I will remain delighted with this gauge.

I really only needed the rain bucket to replace the one in my WMR100 weather station that had failed after 8 years. However, the rain bucket can communicate with both receivers at the same time and I now have an extra remote display for the same price as just buying the bucket. Just be aware that if you have multiple temperature sensors (I already have two as part of the WMR100) you need to set the channel on each remote sensor to be unique. Each sensor has three channels to select from. This unit works well and my only complaint is that it doesn't have built in radio to set time automatically like most other Oregon Scientific devices.

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