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PROJI Projection Clock with Indoor Temperature Calendar Alarm - RM338 - Black

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Modern Design Projection Clock with Indoor Temperature

A great value alarm clock with a simple yet modern design, this radio-controlled clock is both easy to read and operate. The LCD screen displays the current time, day and indoor temperature in large font making a quick glance at the time, easy.

Always Accurate Time

Never have to set the time again with this radio-controlled (atomic) alarm clock. The BAR368PA receives the time and date from the atomic clock so it automatically updates at the start and end of Daylight Saving Time. Never have to set your clock again!


Easy To See Projection 

Why fumble in the dark or have to switch the light just to see the time. An adjustable projection arm with 180 degree flip projection image means you can project the time and temperature on a wall, ceiling or any angle that suits your eye level.With a simple tap on the snooze/light button the time is projected onto your wall/ceiling.

For continuous projection simply power the clock using the included AC power adaptor.

Indoor Temperature

Hate leaving your warm bed only to discover just how cold your bedroom is? This projection clock also measures the temperature of your room.

Dual Alarm

The dual alarm function allows you to set two alarm times on a single clock keeping you on time whether it’s the weekday or weekend.  


  • Dual Alarm (Weekday/daily alarm)
  • Indoor Temperature
  • Projection: Time
  • LED Backlight
  • Includes AC power adapter for continuous projection


Color Black
Indoor Temperature Yes
Dimensions 4.25 in x 1.02 in x 3.03 in
EAN Code 734811713841
User Manual RM338P.pdf
AC Adapter Yes
Batteries Yes
Alarm Functions Yes
Snooze Function Yes
Projection Yes
Backlight Yes

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I got this clock to replace an atomic projection clock that "went off the rails". I have been very happy with the clock with a few initial hiccups, hence my 4 star rating.

Although the clock was a bit smaller than I expected, it works like a champ. My problem is with the instructions for setting it up. After I plugged the clock in, I followed the instructions to set the projection to be constantly on. No matter what I did, the projection would only stay on for 5 minutes. What I didn't realize is that you have to complete the ENTIRE manual setup (not just the time zone) to get the projection to stay on. What was confusing for me was that the other factory settings were what I wanted--I didn't realize that you still had to go through all of them before the projection beam would stay on. Once I did that inadvertently, it has worked great!

I also had an issue removing the battery cover--initially it did not come off easily and I actually scratched the finish in removing it. Once I loaded the batteries and closed it again, the cover slides off without a problem. Could be a factory issue.

Lastly, something I thought would be a problem has actually ended up a benefit. There is no way to keep the clock dial back light on constantly. While all my other projection clocks did this (most you couldn't turn it off), this has been a blessing in disguise. I no longer have an "extra unwanted night light" in my bedroom. The projection is clear and easy to read even on my high ceiling and I find that I really don't need the backlight on the clock.

Update after having this clock for 4 months and going through a time change: The clock did NOT automatically change to daylight savings time. I thought--here we go again...(that's why I got this clock--my last one never would change and was a royal pain to get it to update.) However, I got out the instructions and simply pressed a button on the clock to check the signal and voila' after 10 minutes, the time was updated. OK, maybe it's a pain to do this twice a year, but this clock will actually change where my last one just would not.

I am still really happy with it.

Overall, it works well. The big problem for me is the awkward design. In order to turn the projection light on or off (permanently) you must press the button on the back and hold it down for a few seconds -- behind the plastic sliding panel. Since I want it on all night, I leave the panel off so that I can easily turn the light on at night and off in the morning. It's a little inconvenience that has to be mentioned, as the backup batteries are now exposed on the back. And yes, the back panel is tight and a little difficult to slide off at first, but it took me less than a minute to work it out. However, the backlight is bright, the projection light is bright, and the numbers on both the face and the projection light are easy to see, and that's the point, right? The clock set itself within a few minutes and it's accurate. Works for me.

Amazon Buyer

Very bright and easy read projection. You can read it very easily. You can set it to be on all the time or just when you press the top button. I gave it only 4 stars instead of 5 because the projection can be moved up and down but not side ways. So that may affect your ability to get the projection right where you want it.

Amazon Buyer

The package arrived on time and in good shape. I was expecting the clock to be larger than it was. It's small and would make a good travel clock. The display on the ceiling is bright at night but again, not as large as I'd liked it to be. I have poor eye sight without glasses, and the projection is hard to read without glasses on. But it functions like promised and tells the time.

Amazon Buyer

I received (an older version of) this clock about ten years ago. I wasn't quite sure on the point of projecting time on the ceiling, but it was a gift so I used it. The clock finally died last year and I realized that ceiling projection is a wonderful thing. My nights are empty if I can't easily glance up to see the time. I purchased the new version of this clock and it is just as good as the old version.
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Amazon Buyer

Fabulous device. The man I gave it to for Christmas LOVED it and as soon as he opened up the gift he set it up in his bedroom focusing the time display light on the ceiling above the bed, and every morning he can see the time upon wakening, The light is visible but not to the point of keeping one awake. Atomic and a win-win purchase!!!

This unit feels kind of lightweight and flimsy. But it really does what I wanted it to do very well. It projects a large bright visible time on the ceiling that I can read even without my glasses.

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