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In the flurry of modern life, the search for richer, fuller experiences may be stymied by the incredible amount of stimuli we receive every day. At Oregon Scientific, we believe life should be lived smarter, not harder.

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Wireless Weather Station Featuring Temperature Forecast - BAR206 - White

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Wireless Weather Station
Time, weather and temperature all in one

The Wireless Weather Station clearly displays the weather forecast, radio controlled clock, calendar and indoor and outdoor temperature on an large easy-to-read LCD screen.

Probably the most useful and multi-purpose device for any home, this weather station not only provides you with accurate weather forecasting and temperature reporting to help you plan your day, it also features an always-accurate atomic clock that never needs setting, even when the clocks change.


  • Indoor temperature and humidity measurement
  • 3 channels outdoor temperature measurements
  • Weather forecast Ice Alert with Green LED blinking indication
  • Radio-controlled clock with calendar
  • Daily Max/Min memory for temperature and humidity
  • LED backlight


Color Black
User Manual BAR206.pdf
Dimensions 160 x 45 x 90 mm
Batteries 4 x AA (Included)
AC Adapter No
Backlight Yes
Weather Forecast Yes
Digit Display Color Black
Weather Forecast Icons Yes
Indoor/Outdoor Temp/Humidity Measurements Outdoor & Indoor Temperatue
Measures Humidity Indoor Only
Measures Temperature Yes

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Amazon Buyer

I was disappointed that it did not include the required batteries. I probably did not read carefully. It is a replacement of a previous Oregon Scientific which may have been slightly more expensive. My husband is well pleased (no small achievement) as he likes the display. This was delivered on time, I think, but delivered to the local Post Office. We have had snow, so it was quite a few days before we actually received it. The device requires three batteries ( AAA) in the inside device and one AAA in the outside remote. It just so happened we were fresh out and had to rob something else. My husband says not to include batteries is not all that unusual. I am elderly and have poor eyesight We have it up and going and we both like the green display against the black background. The previous one was hard to read.

I purchased this to replace the same model that died after about 9 years of use. It had a bad capacitor inside that would not have been easy for me to replace so I just bought a new one. I think 9 years is a good life span for this type of product in this price range. The bonus is now I have 2 outside sensors because the old one still works. The reason I stayed with Oregon Scientific is the battery life on both the indoor and outdoor sensors is far superior to other brands I've tried. Most other outdoor sensors needed battery replacement every 3 to 6 months. In the 9 years my old outdoor sensor has been outside I have only changed the battery 3 times due to it wearing out. I did change it again when I took it down to pair it with the new unit but the battery was not dead yet. Hopefully the new sensor is easy on batteries too. I don't remember how many times I changed the batteries on the indoor unit but I would say only 3 or 4 max in 9 years. Saving on batteries is better than buying a cheaper outdoor unit in my opinion. I use standard Rayovac AA batteries which seem to be OK even when the temp is below freezing. I don't remember ever having the outdoor sensor fail to read due to cold and I've seen it read single digits. Outdoor temps are fairly accurate compared to other sensors and analog thermometers I have used but none of them are ever perfectly exact due to location, sun exposure, trapped heat etc. But this one is pretty good. I have never lost signal from the outdoor sensor unless the battery was almost dead. I don't use the atomic clock feature since where I have the indoor unit positioned it does not get a good signal for that but it does work if I put it closer to the outside walls of my house. The display on this unit is good and the bigger numbers can be seen from 15 to 20 feet away. The back light feature isn't that useful because you have to manually activate it and by then you're close enough to the unit to read it anyway. The light is also an odd orange color that doesn't light up that bright. Light green or blue would be more visible and match the green color of the face accents a little better. But since I never use it that doesn't matter to me. Over all I am happy with this unit. If I get 9 years from the replacement I will buy another one if they are still available at that time.

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