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Advanced Wireless Weather Station Featuring Temperature Forecast - BAR208HGA_S

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Everything you'll need to know to start your day off right is at your fingertips

With the weather forecast in graphical icons, you'll never wonder if you need an umbrella again. This weather station monitors indoor and outdoor temperature from up to 3 remote locations. You can put a sensor outside in your garden, in your wine cellar and your baby's room and read all that information from the comfort of your bedroom.


  • Weather Forecast with graphical icons
  • Self-setting atomic clock in 12/24 hour format with time zone offset feature
  • Ice Alert with Green LED light
  • Month/Day calendar
  • Monitors Indoor and Outdoor temperature and humidity
  • Measure temperature from up to 3 remote locations (additional sensors required)
  • Min/Max Temperature memory
  • Weather trend icons bring trends to life
  • Large LCD
  • Orange EL Backlight for nighttime viewing
  • Moon Phase
  • Weather warning messages: Heat, Wind, Storm, Fog, and Frost
  • Dimensions: (3.70 x 2.01x 7.19 in) L x W x H
  • Including 1 Temperature/Humidity Sensor THGR122N


Color Silver
EAN Code 734811705570
User Manual BAR208HG.pdf
Dimensions 3.70 x 2.01x 7.19
Batteries 3 x AA (main unit), 1 x AA (sensor)
AC Adapter No
Backlight Yes
Ice Alert Yes
Weather Forecast Yes
Digit Display Color Black
Weather Forecast Icons Yes
Indoor/Outdoor Temp/Humidity Measurements Yes
Moon Phase Yes
Measures Humidity Yes
Weather Alert Alarms Yes - Heat, Wind, Storm, Fog, Frost
Measures Temperature Yes

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Amazon Buyer

I would like to hang the inside unit on a wall, but it is packaged to stand on a desk or counter. Other than that, it is an outstanding weather product, producing a clear display of current temperature and humidity, as well as predictions for weather during the next twelve hours. The best feature for me, though is the clock feature, which synchronizes with the national time broadcasts. If we lose power (which we do periodically), the unit keeps the time current and displayed, even when local power is out and we have no internet connection.

Aside from the complaint (which is why I gave it four stars instead of five), the product is in a class by itself.

Works GREAT 11/11/2017
Amazon Buyer

I like all the features this product has to offer on a weather thermometer without having to go to the next level of monitoring. plugged the batteries in right off the bat and the sending unit immediately was discovered. I mean immediately. Usually these things take about 2-5minutes, but right away it was sending information. I like the atomic time feature as well. The only thing I had to do was set my timezone and we were good.
I am bummed that this manufacturer doesn't do the solar option on these. I have one in the another part of my house that has a solar panel on it. I have yet to change the batteries in that one. Will have to see how long the batteries last in this one.

Received my Oregon Scientific BAR208HGA Advanced Weather Station with Atomic Time. Ordered it Friday 11-25-2011 and got it 11-28-2011. You know what I like most about this thing is; I never did read the instructions, right outta the box, Works with all three of my ten year old Oregon Scientific temperature\humidity sensor remotes, never set the time or anything, All I did was put three AA size Batteries in and it started working (The time took 24 hours to update). Back Light works too and goes off automatically after a couple seconds. Also, works with my original inside Temperature and humidity Weather Station at the same time! Now, I can have the information from all three remotes in two rooms or two buildings and for that matter I suppose I could have as many Weather Stations reading the three sensor remotes as I wanted. Maybe I'll expand and buy the Temerature, Humidity, Rain and Wind Weather Station too, I'm sure the Weather Station for those sensors will work with my old temperature\humidity sensor remotes too!

Amazon Buyer

This weather station is very handy, I like that it has both indoor and outdoor humidity readings. It seems to be very accurate, I love to check out the stats in the morning and at night. By monitoring indoor and outdoor temps I can determine exactly when to open or close windows to maximize comfort/efficiency. I actually own 3 of these, each with their own remote sensor (as each unit can receive up to 3 transmitters/remote sensors). One sensor is placed as suggested to get an accurate outdoor temp and I keep one in the garage so I know what the conditions will be like out there, as well, I can monitor the temp from inside if I'm heating it for a project. The other I keep on our enclosed porch. I keep a monitor up in the bedroom, one in the livingroom and one in the kitchen, so at a glance I can gather all the weather info I may need! The humidity readings are nice too, it lets me know when things are getting too dry, enabling me to run the humidifier only when actually needed. These are really handy, the batteries last a really long time, It's been nearly a year now in most of the units (using quality batteries). I would definitely recommend these to anyone looking for a nice affordable weather station to monitor their environment!

Good buy 10/11/2017
Amazon Buyer

Works very well. The ice warning light blinks any time the temp gets below the trigger point whether there was any precipitation that might have made ice. The fog indicator works the same based on relative humidity. I would really like to have the dew point instead of the relative humidity though.

I recently purchased the BAR208HGA Advanced Weather System to replace the BAR888A Weather Forecaster which I had for 25 years.
The 208 system has improved features and the functions are more customer friendly.
I highly recommend the 208 system for convenience in a weather monitoring tool.

Chris Kelly

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