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Oregon Scientific – Smart Living

Smart Living - embracing innovations that help you live smarter, so you can be happier, healthier and more productive.

In the flurry of modern life, the search for richer, fuller experiences may be stymied by the incredible amount of stimuli we receive every day. At Oregon Scientific, we believe life should be lived smarter, not harder.

Founded in 1989 in Portland, USA, Oregon Scientific embraces innovations that contribute to people’s betterment and well-being. Oregon Scientific products do more than simply beautify our homes and offices – they enable us to pursue our personal goals for better health, better work and living spaces and better fulfilment in all we do.

When you purchase a Oregon Scientific product, you’re empowering your lifestyle with smart ideas that help you maximise your potential each day.

Oregon Scientifics’ products are made with innovation, precision and passion to bring fresh perspectives to every aspect of your daily life. We welcome you to peruse our catalogue and discover how our products enrich your living and working environment.

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Embracing innovations that help you live smarter, happier, and healthier

Each product is created with the goal to help you pursuing your personal goals for a better health and a better living environment. At Oregon Scientific, we try to empower your lifestyle with smart ideas that will help you better organize your day.

What are the Effects of UV Rays?

Bright and shiny, nice and warm, we all enjoy a hot, sunny day. But the sun is more than just a basic source of light and heat; there are a lot more processes at work that we may not be able to see or feel, at least not until we find ourselves agonising over our sunburn.
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How can a weather station forecast the weather when it is placed indoor?

Simple weather stations use barometric measurement to determine the change of barometric pressure and the forecast weather of the next 12-24 hour.
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10 simple energy and power saving tips helping you to save money

The average family can save 150kg of CO2 a year just by turning things off? Appliances left in standby mode account for around 10% of UK household energy use - so unplug devices when not in use. You will also save you around £40 per year.
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Why do you need to monitor your heart rate?

Measuring heart rate gives very important information about your health. Any change from normal heart rate can indicate a medical condition. It can help determine if the patient's heart is still pumping particularly in emergency situation.
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Negative ions helps release stress

Fatigue, insomnia, headaches, sore muscles, cold limbs … etc. All these are common stress symptoms amongst the busy city-dwellers with a hectic lifestyle.
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weather stations and clocks