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Oregon Scientific – Smart Living

Smart Living - embracing innovations that help you live smarter, so you can be happier, healthier and more productive.

In the flurry of modern life, the search for richer, fuller experiences may be stymied by the incredible amount of stimuli we receive every day. At Oregon Scientific, we believe life should be lived smarter, not harder.

Founded in 1989 in Portland, USA, Oregon Scientific embraces innovations that contribute to people’s betterment and well-being. Oregon Scientific products do more than simply beautify our homes and offices – they enable us to pursue our personal goals for better health, better work and living spaces and better fulfilment in all we do.

When you purchase a Oregon Scientific product, you’re empowering your lifestyle with smart ideas that help you maximise your potential each day.

Oregon Scientifics’ products are made with innovation, precision and passion to bring fresh perspectives to every aspect of your daily life. We welcome you to peruse our catalogue and discover how our products enrich your living and working environment.

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DreamScience Brainwave-oriented Sleep Companion

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Fulfilling Sleep. Refreshed Morning

DreamScience combines two leading clinically proven technologies that soothe your mind unconsciously for more satisfying slumber, while waking you naturally with brainwaves. Together, aided by the soft glow of mood lights, these technologies relax body and mind, allowing you to fall into a more fulfilling and satisfying sleep.


The secret of daytime functioning

Sleep quality has great impact on your quality of life and how well you function throughout the day. The technologies utilized by DreamScience let you reset your sleep routine, helping to reduce stress, restore energy and improve your focus.


Chill to your own personal soundscape

Choose from DreamScience’s 20 bulit-in soundscapes or use the audio line-in to play music from another device, and find the sound that best soothes your weary mind.


Make a stylish statement

The sleek round design invites admiration, and together with the multi-hued mood lighting and sound, it turns any room into a chic and relaxing retreat.

Includes Clinically Proven Brainwave Embedded Sounds composed by Dr Lee Bartel, Ph. D.

Associate Dean of Research, Professor of Music Education and Music and Health, and Founding and Acting Director of the Music and Health Research Collaboratory (MaHRC) at University of Toronto. His involvement in researcth in music and medicine includes rehabilitation of attention deficits, audiology and stress management.

20 clinically proven sound. Creating a peaceful harmony.



Color Black
AC Adapter No
Product Video Click Here To Watch The Product Video
User Manual WS683.pdf
Alarms Sounds Yes
Mood Light 6-colour mood lights
Backlight Yes

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Do you ever wish you could sleep better? A lot of us have a hard time unwinding at the end of the day. There’s nothing worse than lying in bed for hours trying unsuccessfully to go to sleep. Put an end to restless nights with a DreamScience Brainwave Oriented Sleep Companion. This gadget uses proven technology to help you fall asleep quickly and wake up naturally.

Oregon Scientific sent me a free DreamScience Brainwave Oriented Sleep Companion ... to try out at my house so I could tell you a little bit about how it works. The Sleep Companion uses two types of technology to help people get a better night’s sleep so they can wake up refreshed every morning. Brainwave Embedded sounds and softly glowing mood lights have been clinically proven to let you reset your sleep routine, which helps to reduce stress, restore energy and improve your focus.
The DreamScience Brainwave Oriented Sleep Companion isn’t your ordinary sleep machine. It has got all the bells and whistles…and colorful LED lights! We all know how much guys love when anything has bells and whistles. LED sleep machines with cool alarm clocks are something he will get excited about. There’s buttons and settings and options galore. He can completely customize the DreamScience Sleep Companion so he can get the best night’s rest ever, every single night.
Quite possibly the best part about giving your significant other a DreamScience Sleep Companion?You’ll reap all the benefits of a better night’s sleep, too! (Don’t worry, we can keep that part a secret between us.)
Every night, you and your significant other can cuddle up together and drift off into a peaceful sleep. Let the sound of ocean waves lull you to sleep, or any of the other 20 built-in soundscapes scientifically proven to relax weary minds.
I personally love using a sleep sound machine at night. I cannot go to sleep without White Noise. My husband is pretty easygoing and lets me pick out the nightly mood noises and lights. There are 12 different Sleep Sounds to choose from including Rain, Ocean Surf, Summer (crickets chirping), and Unwind (soft piano music.) The sounds gradually decrease in volume and slow in rhythm, which calms the body and mind. Everyone at my house has their own favorite sound to fall asleep to – what is yours?
Wake-up Sound choices do not include dogs barking, baby crying or car horn. Thank goodness.Instead, you’ll wake up naturally to pleasant sounds like Wind (rustling leaves), Garden (gently flowing brook), and Seashore. It is MUCH MUCH better than a blaring alarm clock. I promise you that.
The wake up light is another great feature of the DreamScience Sleep Companion. The soft glow of mood lights combined with peaceful morning sounds gently ease your mind and body into wakefulness. The sleek round design is stylish and modern. The mood lighting and relaxing sounds can turn any bedroom into a peaceful retreat.

If you or someone you know is ready to get a better night’s sleep, go to bed with the DreamScience Brainwave Sleep Companion. It’s makes wonderful Valentine gifts for him or her. Anyone will love getting the gift of sleep for Valentine’s Day this year.

February 11, 2016

We talk a lot about sleep here at Macaroni Kid Family Fitness and Wellness. It’s not always as easy as it sounds to get good sleep. Here are few tools I have found to help.

DreamScience has created a device that combines two technologies that soothe your mind for a more satisfying sleep and then wakes you naturally. How does that work, you ask? There are a number of white noise sounds to choose from to help send you off into dreamland and to keep you there. The sounds gradually reduce volume and the rhythms slow down to help keep your mind and body calm. (I like the ocean sound.) When setting the alarm, you also get to choose a calming noise to wake you up (I prefer “garden"). The sound gradually gets louder to wake you up in a slower natural way than the sudden beeping or radio noise of a standard alarm. DreamScience also has mood lights you can choose to use. The soft glow helps to relax the body and mind as you fall asleep. While I have found I fall asleep easier using DreamScience, my favorite benefit is the alarm. It makes such a big difference to start your day on a gentle note than the clanking sound of the alarm.

February 12, 2016,

Since my 14-year-old son was an infant, he has had difficulty falling asleep. So when the opportunity to try out and review the DreamScience by Oregon Scientific came about, I excitedly accepted. TheDreamScience is a brainwave oriented sleep companion and alarm clock that combines two clinically proven technologies that unconsciously soothe your mind for a better night’s sleep, while also waking you calmly and naturally. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? I think so too!
How It Works
Using patented Sleep Enhancement Technology the DreamScience creates a therapeutic state of relaxation by playing soothing ambient sounds that slowly reduce in volume and rhythm – this is a method that is proven to calm the body and mind.
This technology is combined with Brainwave Embedded Sounds. These audio signals cue specific brainwaves depending on the sounds and sequences used. With this technology, sound cues can stimulate the mind’s wakeful beta waves to rouse you from sleep, induce relaxed alpha waves for a meditative calm feeling, and even lead the mind into a more restful sleep by activating the delta waves associated with a deep and healing sleep.
Along with the soft glow of mood lights, DreamScience relaxes both the body and mind, allowing you to fall into a more fulfilling and satisfying sleep.

Key Benefits
• Quality Sleep through Science: DreamScience envelops you in a calming buffer of sound to help you fall asleep, stay asleep, and reach deeper, more restful levels of sleep.
• The Secret of Daytime Functioning: Sleep quality impacts your quality of life and how well you function throughout the day. The technologies utilized by DreamScience let you reset your sleep routine, helping to reduce stress, restore energy and improve focus.
• Make a Stylish Statement: The sleek, round design with the multi-hued mood lighting and sound turns any room into a chic and relaxing retreat.
• Relax to Your own Personal Soundscape: Choose from 20 built-in soundscapes or use the audio line-in to play music from another device, and find the sound that best soothes your weary mind.

The Sounds
Based on scientific research, DreamScience is optimized with 7 therapy sounds that tap into different states of consciousness. These seven soundscapes play at different wave frequencies, including:
• Delta waves which are associated with the deepest levels of physical relaxation.
• Alpha waves which indicate an alert state with a quiet mind.
• Beta waves which are associated with normal waking states.

The 7 soundscapes are:

Delta Waves:
1. Hawaii
2. Tranquility
3. Unwind

Alpha/Beta Waves:
4. Energize
5. Aura
6. Dawn Rain
7. Revitalize

There are 12 sleep sounds including unwind, tranquility, thunder, rain and stream. There are 9 wake up sounds including energize, revitalize, aurora, jungle and garden to name a few.

The DreamScience comes with a comprehensive owner’s manual so you can easily learn how it functions to help you get your best night’s sleep. It also comes with the power cord and a cord to use to play music from your iPod, cell phone or other device. The DreamScience is a nice looking device. It doesn’t take up a lot of room and would fit nicely into any bedroom.

My son has been using the DreamScience for nearly two weeks and is really enjoying it. He says that he is falling asleep easier and I have noticed that he has been waking up in a much better mood. His favorite sleep sound is called ocean surf and he likes to use the revitalize sound to wake up.

I am going to borrow the DreamScience from him sometime so that I can experience it for myself. I have a difficult time falling asleep too so I am hoping that the DreamScience can help me as much as it has helped my son.
... I recommend it to anyone who has trouble falling asleep or has any sleeping problems in general.

February 15, 2016,

"The DreamScience Sleep Companion is in the simplest terms, a sound and light machine that provides a relaxation option for your brain so that you can fall asleep and stay asleep. I’ve tried sleep machines in the past and this one is so much more advanced than your traditional sound machine."


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