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Travel Projection Clock with Indoor Temperature Calendar Alarm - RM512 - Grey

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Oregon Scientific RM512PA Radio Controlled Projection Alarm Clock

The RM512PA is a great value with all its features and portability This handy alarm clock is easy to use and perfect for travelling. It can either run via battery power or with the USB power cord.

The time is radio-controlled which is precise to the second and adjusts automatically to time changes. You will never have to set the time again. The RM512PA has the convenience of 180° rotating arm which projects the time on any hard surface up to 6.5ft (2 m).

The LCD screen displays the current time, date and indoor temperature. A simple tap to the snooze button activates the backlight for easy viewing even at night.

The dual-alarm function allows you to set two different alarms, one for weekdays and one for the weekend. The 8-minute snooze function and snooze touch technology let's you decide whether it's time to get up or perhaps have a little snooze


  • Radio-controlled clock
  • 180° rotating projection arm
  • Indoor temperature
  • Dual alarms
  • Time and date display
  • LCD display with white backlight
  • Powered by two (2) AAA batteries or USB


Dimensions 4.33 in x 1.42 in x 4.33 in
Color Grey
Projection Yes
Radio Controlled No
Alarm Yes
Calendar No
Indoor Temperature Yes
AC Adapter No

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I like the clock and didn't have any problem setting it up. The red numbers projected on the ceiling are focused and bright. However, it didn't include a power supply. Without wall power, the time doesn't stay projected and it is necessary to hit the snooze button to cause the clock to project the time. Why the heck Oregon Scientific wouldn't include a wall power supply with the clock is beyond me. My Amazon kindle charger works fine to power it. I'll just have to buy another charger.

Also, there is fine print identifying time zone settings numerically: Note: In zone setting, 0 = PST; 1 = MST; 2 = CST; 3 = EST

That explanation was cut off from some of the instruction sheets that came with the phone!

My last Oregon Scientific projection clock lasted 10 years and I only replaced it because a couple of the LED crystals that made up the projected numbers, no longer illuminated or had gone dim.

Amazon Buyer

I would probably give this product 5 stars if the battery chamber "door" had a better closure system. That is not to say it doesn't close and stay closed, I just wish it had a more sturdy feel. This is one of the few radio controlled clocks I have gotten that once I put the batteries in went into search mode and set itself almost immediately (for clarification, I own seven other more expensive radio controlled clocks from several different manufacturers). So far the clock is running with no problems and maintaining perfect time. I'm even considering buying a second one.

Amazon Buyer

This is a very nice projection clock. The ceiling display is excellent. Sharp and very large, with just the perfect brightness. I would highly recommend.

The color s dark grey ( almost black) what I love about this clock the option to turn the projection on and off as I turn it on the whole night ( if attached to electric power not the batteries) and turn it off in the morning, the projection light does not not lighting up the room which Is great it's just showing the clock on the celing or the wall or any surface you like ... It comes with a usb cable so it is easy to put the clock on electric power .. Love it and love it's reasonable price

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