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PRYSMAchrome Weather Station - Grey

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Weather changes outside - Colors change inside!

A modern design fulfills the aesthetic and functional requirements of your needs. The slim, stylish yet simple look, blends perfectly in any work or home environment. The changing color display will keep you abreast of both the current time and temperature range at a single glance.



  • 7 LCD display colors change according to the current temperature
  • Indoor & outdoor temperature
  • Indoor & outdoor humidity
  • Weather forecast (sunny/partly cloudy/cloudy/rainy/snowy)
  • Radio-controlled atomic clock (EU/UK/US)
  • Calendar, daily alarm
  • Daylight saving time/6 time-zones (for US only)
  • Including 1 outdoor temperature / humidity sensor RTG130


User Manual BAR292.pdf
Color Grey
Backlight Yes
Weather Forecast Yes
Weather Forecast Icons sunny/partly cloudy/cloudy/rainy/snowy
Radio Controlled Yes
Menu Interface 7 LCD display colors; change with the current temperature
Alarm Yes
Snooze Function Yes
Calendar Yes
Measures Humidity Indoor & Outdoor
Measures Temperature Indoor & Outdoor
Batteries 2 x AAA (for remote sensor - included)
AC Adapter Yes

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P. Hickey

Happy to see a design with a sense of style. This is a very clean piece and it stands apart from the massive number of like devices which essentially ALL look the same.
Pros: clever design to facilitate reception of the often very difficult to receive WWV time signal as both the device and the remote sensor can receive the signal. Nice to be able to place the date as the main item if one already has clocks in the vicinity. Nice to be able to lock on one temp sensor. I use one outdoor sensor and lock it on that - don't really care what the indoor is. The ability to change the color, or allow it to reflect the outdoor temp range, is also neat. The use of easily sourced USB 5 volt charging is fantastic.
CONS: if left to automatically rotate among sensors, I found the time interval to be too fast. It is almost schizophrenic. The little weather graphics are lame, because they are at best a bad guess. It may depend where the unit is used, but we live near a large body of water so these guessing algorithms show it raining this morning while it is clear and cold. Useless. I also find the fact the humidity is on top is not intuitive, at least to me.

Summary: I like this very much and it replaced a cheesy looking device with twenty five parameters on the screen, and no ability to change anything. This unit is a very clean, small footprint piece of kit. Well done.