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Learn English with Smart Anatomy - Interactive Human Body

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Smart Anatomy - Interactive Human Body by Oregon Scientific (English Version)

Learn about the most complex machine in the universe – you!

With a cool and colorful design the Smart Anatomy makes learning about the human body fun and easy! It holds a wealth of information covering topics as diverse as organs, bones, muscles, nutrition, healthy habits and much more!

The wireless Smart Pen technology helps you learn about the complex systems in our body by simply touching the detachable body parts with the tip of the Smart Pen with 16 Detachable body parts with OID codes, that are both soft and super easy to handle. It also includes an A3 size poster and A5 size book with addition information of the human body. Plus information to help make the right choice to maintain a healthy body and well balanced lifestyle.

Packed with 20 exciting activities in 5 game modes, there are hours of informative audio content, giving endless educational entertainment with amazing facts about the human body.


  • 16 Detachable parts with OID codes
  • Boy & Girl faces options (DIY stickers)  
  • Delivers audio content via the pen 
  • Game Modes with 20 activities 
  • Wireless exploration with the Smart Pen 
  • A3 size poster with Body Diagram 
  • A5 size booklet with extra information 
  • More than 150 points to touch with the Pen

Read blogger's reviews:


I absolutely love this toy because it’s so interactive which holds their attention and my little guy needed almost no supervision or help to play with Alex which gave me time to get dinner on the table…such a winner. I highly recommend this toy because it’s educational, interactive and requires minimal adult help.  - Julie Akiri Macaroni Kid

"...I highly recommend Smart Anatomy for all the kids in your life, but certainly for any who are interested and curious about their bodies.” - GeekDad, Dec. 3, 2015

My kids have been playing with it for weeks now and still return to it again and again. That's always a sign of a real hit! I highly recommend this for the youngsters in your life!”  - Growing My Kids Reviews, Dec. 2, 2015

Right out of the box it was a hit with our kids.”
Mom's Lifesavers, Nov 24, 2015

A great way for kids to learn about their bodies while having fun ... a fit for any young child this holiday season.”  
 Mama Smith's 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

This is certainly one gift that I recommend for the little scientist in your life this Christmas.”
 Growing up Madison, Dec. 6, 2015

Now I don’t have to turn to Google to find out about the pancreas, I can turn to my daughter’s Smart Anatomy!” 
Mom Blog Society, Dec. 6, 2015





User Manual SA218.pdf
Dimensions 180 x 180 x 385mm
Product Demo
AC Adapter No
Batteries Pen: 2 x AAA (included)

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Anatomy is an important subject for children to learn and a new product from Oregon Scientific called “Smart Anatomy” is aiming to make this process both educational and fun. “Smart Anatomy” is a game intended for children ages five and older, it is essentially a plastic replica of the human body that enables young kids to explore the fascinating human body and its complex systems. The plastic replica is shaped like a boy and named “Alex.” According to the official press release:

Alex is the voice of Smart Anatomy and is ready to play! With 5 game modes (Fun, Games, Nutrition, System, Touch) children can choose from 20 activities to play. There are many areas to explore on each body part and your child will enjoy detaching the body parts from the body stand and freely exploring their contents with the Smart Pen. Use the wireless Smart Pen to touch the detachable body parts and learn about nutrition, interesting facts, names of the anatomy, system functions and more. The optical sensor inside the Smart Pen will read invisible dots printed on each body part, triggering audio content played directly out of the Smart Pen or via headphones.

Moreover, the kit comes with a sixteen page booklet and a double-sided poster that provides additional information for Smart Anatomy. The booklet contains information concerning major body systems, nutrition and food categories while the double-sided poster with the body diagram is a quick reference guide that lists the names of major body parts.

Smart Anatomy is truly an exceptional toy. It is extremely visual yet inviting--the illustrations are detailed yet just animated enough to come across as accessible even to very young children. The electronic pen/pointer that comes (with batteries) in the kit recognizes the various body types on the diagram when it is placed on them--something that will undoubtedly come across as magical to children. Moreover, the toy is packed full of information and games that engage kids and make learning fun--“Little Doctor” is an especially fun mode. The only slight complaint is that some of the medical terms--although proper--can be a little difficult to remember, even for an adult. The fact that this doll has the ability to switch from a boy’s face to a girl’s makes it all the more customizable for the specific child. In fact, this item could be used to teach an entire group of children. Anyone who is seeking to teach their children about biology should certainly consider purchasing this product.

February 12, 2016,

Macaroni Kid

Anyone who knows my little son knows that he has wanted to be a Dr. for as long as he can remember. He is always wanting books on the Human Body and loves reading about surgeries and looking at all of those “yucky” pictures as my youngest describes. As a Mom, I am always encouraging him to follow his dreams and am interested in providing him with any opportunities I can to encourage him in his pursuit of being a Dr. be it through books, trips to the Health Museum or through toys.
I was so excited when I discovered the Smart Anatomy toy by Oregon Scientific for ages 5+.

The company says that “...this helps kids learn about the body’s complex systems with more than 600 sounds and information and 150 touchpoints that can be discovered with a talking Smart Pen.” My little guy could not wait to open up this toy and check it out.

Our Smart Anatomy model is called Alex and he comes with the model, a Wireless Smart Pen, Poster, Booklet and a User Manual. There is also another face label to make this either a girl or a boy depending on your little one which is something that I really like as a Mom.
How to play: Take your smart pen and touch any part of the human body to learn more about it.

You can also play games and take little mini quizzes to see how much knowledge you have. I absolutely love this toy because it’s so interactive which holds their attention and my little guy needed almost no supervision or help to play with Alex which gave me time to get dinner on the table…such a winner. I highly recommend this toy because it’s educational, interactive and requires minimal adult help.

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